Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Specification phase

If you have a look at the GeoExt mailing list, you can see that it is very active. And the call for participations has currently 38 names, so I'm very confident for the future of GeoExt. I have to mention that there is some debates around the GPLv3 license, but with the statements of the EXTJs CEO Abraham Elias, I think that the situation is clear.

Let's come back to the features. I'd like to introduce some of them:
- Map widget: this will be probably the first widget.
- Legend widget: you can see here one sample or here.
- Popup widget
- Scale widget
- Tree widget
- Grid widget
- And the styler widget: here or here

One big challenge, as mentionned by Rolando Penate, will be to keep UI/interaction consistency between these components.

I have probably missed some components, so don't hesitate to give me other links.

1 comment:

  1. Great to see GeoExt going! The popup example shouldn't be draggable according to Popup.js but it is?? I'm probably missing something obvious. Anyways, I'm very eager to work with GeoExt !