Saturday 20 June 2015

GeoExt 3 Codesprint - Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3 of the GeoExt 3 Codesprint brought a lot of useful outcome. After the sprinters had to do a lot of discussion work on day 1 the following two sprint days could be used to implement a lot of stuff. Here is a list of tasks which were already tackled:

Investigations on an approach to use an ExtJS "Universal App" (optimized for desktop and mobile) with GeoExt components seemed very promising.

First research work for vector support in the PrintProvider class has been done.

A lot of work has been invested on the data models especially in combination with the LayerTree.

A Popup class to show georeferenced popups on the map has been implemented.

A LayerList class for mobile devices has been written.

The FeatureRenderer class has been done, including examples and tests.

A website has been setup for the project.

A lot of examples have been created. Some of them are published on the project website. Some more are following the next days.

The license had to be switched to GPLv3 because Sencha removed the FLOSS exception, which allowed us to license GeoExt under BSD before.

So all in all a really great result of the sprint! Thanks to all sprinters, who worked on this.

But the sprinters did not just work. On Thursday evening was a great social event at Braushaus Bönnsch where the sprinters could enjoy the local food and beer.

To sum it up:
The GeoExt 3 Codesprint was a big and important step for the project! A solid foundation for the future of GeoExt has been created. Stay tuned!

Last but not least a big thank you to all our sponsors. Without their input this sprint would not have been possible. And thanks to terrestris, for beeing such a great host (especially chef Till) .

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