Friday, 15 January 2010

GeoExt User Extensions

... also named GeoExt UX. The idea behind the GeoExt UX is to propose ready to use high level components.
Here are some UX:

GeoNames Search

Test it !


Test it !

Street View

Test it !

There is also a Google Earth UX (with WMS), a display projection selector, a scale selector, some toolbar components or spatial shortcuts.

The redlining tool is under development, like the Printing (with MapFish print server), the client Printer or the layer manager.

All information related to the UX can be found here:

If you have proposals for other UX or modification of existing UX, don't hesitate to provide any ideas.


  1. Hi,

    About the Street View , how can i dynamic change the panoramaLocation and yaw ?


  2. From the ux, you can access all the methods provided by, for example: