Tuesday, 16 March 2010

GeoExt Custom Build Tool

We've just added a custom build tool to the GeoExt website. With this, you can quickly create customized builds of the GeoExt library tailored specifically to your application.

The build form lets you specify the components used by your application and automatically adds dependencies required by those components. The tool works with the latest release (v0.6 at this writing), and as we put out new releases, we'll add custom download pages for those.

As an example of its use, I'll demonstrate how to create a build for the popup example.

  1. Navigating to the popup example, I can click the link to view the application source.

  2. I scan that source for GeoExt constructors and components whose configurations include xtype properties that start with "gx_".

  3. I find that the example uses GeoExt.Popup and a component with xtype: "gx_mappanel".

  4. On the build page, I select GeoExt.Popup and GeoExt.MapPanel from the listed components.

  5. At the bottom of the page, I click the download button and get a prompt to save my customized version of GeoExt.js (only 13KB compared to >300KB for the full library uncompressed).

Thanks to OpenGeo for supporting development and hosting this tool.


  1. Since a few time (yesterday maybe), the examples are not working anymore ...
    (neither on ie, firefox, chrome).

    It was working on colleage's PC, not anymore when he cleared the cache.

    What's happening ?