Monday, 7 May 2012

Hello GeoExt 2 - GeoExt meets Ext JS 4

GeoExt 2 Code Sprint

This week is an important week in the history of GeoExt: Developers from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States have gathered in Bonn (Germany) for a code sprint to work on GeoExt Version 2, which will be based Sencha's Ext JS 4 framework.

The sprint is a joint effort of terrestris, Mapgears, Camptocamp and OpenGeo, and is accompanied by developers from Occam Labs and m-click.

Other than with many code sprints where only the sprint venue and food are covered by sponsors, the following sponsors generously provided enough funds to cover travel, accommodation and a significant share of the development costs:

  • University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment
  • Swisstopo
  • David Bitner, Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Jacob Westfall
  • Mettenmeier GmbH Utility Solutions
  • FOSSGIS e.V.
  • Felix Reichert und Partner
  • landplan Büro für Landschaftsgestaltung

Day 1 - Getting Started

14 developers participated today, one of them remotely via IRC. The goal was to get up to speed with Ext JS 4, and to port some of the existing examples to the new GeoExt 2 code and GeoExt 4.

Hello World in GeoExt 2

The above live example shows a basic MapPanel - one of the achievements of efforts. In particular, the following tasks were worked on by the developers:

  • Alexandre Dubé, Mapgears: work on the testing framework; updated unit tests; various small fixes.
  • Andreas Hocevar, OpenGeo: set up live examples and API docs; investigated how the tree components can be ported.
  • Andreas Schmitz, Occam Labs: used JSDuck to parse the API doc comments, and achieved a nice result.
  • Bart van den Eijnden, OpenGeo: ported the LegendPanel.
  • Christian Mayer, terrestris: ported the Popup.
  • Éric Lemoine, Camptocamp: worked with Marc on the MapPanel; paired with Alexandre on the test framework.
  • François Van Der Biest, Camptocamp: shared an Ext 4 tutorial; work on the examples; Ext autoloading in examples
  • Frédéric Junod, Camptocamp: Ext autloading for GeoExt 2; started on the FeatureGrid and an improved FeatureStore architecture.
  • Johannes Weskamm: ported the Action component.
  • Julien-Samuel Lacroix, Mapgears: set up the sprint wiki and a wrote a git tutorial; work on the improving the LayerStore architecture.
  • Marc Jansen, terrestris: shared an initial set of GeoExt 2 components from a previous code sprint; provided advice on Ext 4 to newbies.
  • Matt Priour: LayerStore architecture improvements; provided guidance on Ext 4.
  • Stéphane Brunner, Camptocamp: example improvements, work on the PrintPanel.
  • Volker Grabsch: our contributor from Berlin, helped with autoloading.

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