Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mobile JavaScript Code Sprint, Lausanne, Switzerland, Feb 21 to Feb 25 2011

We are glad to announce a one week code sprint focusing on Mobile JavaScript that will take place in Lausanne - EPFL - Switzerland on Monday-Friday February 21-25, 2011.

The code sprint focus will be the Mobile JavaScript development. The main goal is to work on OpenLayers and extend its capabilities to support mobile devices. The second goal is to evaluate Mobile JavaScript libraries, like Sencha Touch or JQuery Mobile and begin creating bridges to these libraries, similar to the way that GeoExt connects OpenLayers and ExtJS.

The content of the code sprint will be openly discussed on the OpenLayers community mailing lists, and we are sure that the work started in February in Europe will continue at the Montreal code sprint in March.

The following developers have already confirmed their attendance: Christopher Schmidt, Tim Schaub, Eric Lemoine, Andreas Hocevar, Frédéric Junod, Bart van den Eijnden, Bruno Binet and Pierre Giraud. It would be a pleasure to welcome other developers or users willing to support this effort in the Mobile development, so don't hesitate to contact the organizers for further information.

The code sprint is sponsored by the following administrations, universities and companies: Canton of Zürich, Canton of Neuchâtel, City of Uster, City of Vevey, Geoportail Luxembourg, EPFL, Swisstopo, OpenGeo, Nokia and Camptocamp.

The code sprint is organized by Camptocamp and Swisstopo.

We look forward to a great code sprint and don't forget that Switzerland is a very nice place to ski! A ski event will probably be organized before or after the code sprint. And finally, we also thank all the sponsors for their support !

For the organizers: Claude Philipona and Cédric Moullet

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