Wednesday, 23 February 2011

OpenLayers Mobile Code Sprint Summary

Between 21.2 and 25.2 February 2011, 16 OpenLayers and GeoExt developers/power users have participated to the Mobile Code Sprint held in Lausanne/Switzerland. The general goal of the week was to create the basic components allowing the creation of mobile web mapping applications.
Have a look at the following summary to see what has been achieved:

Tim Schaub also wrote summaries of day 1 , day 2, day 4 and day 5 and Christopher Schmidt explains some issues he encountered, and, of course, some solutions (blog 1, blog 2, blog 3, blog 4 and blog 5).

I'm personally more than impressed by the results and I'm grateful to all the developers for their awesome engagement !

The Code Sprinters:

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  1. Can i change desktop site to mobile site by only change index page in mobile code?
    Silver MLM