Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mobile Developments

As indicated on the mailing list, after the efforts done on the OpenLayers side in order to support mobile devices (see here), works are now done in order to allow Sencha Touch to work together with OpenLayers.
You can for example test a "mobile" MapPanel currently stored in a GeoExt sandbox.
We can observe a convergence of Sencha Touch and ExtJS 4, so we can consider these works as the initial steps towards GeoExt 2 and hopefully we will end up by having one GeoExt library supporting mobile and standard browsers. We'll see ;-)


  1. It will be (very) nice to have GeoExt 2 supporting both mobile and desktop browsers.

    Meanwhile, does GeoExt 1.0 is compatible with ExtJS 4.0.1? I'm still using 3.3.1, but some feedback about ExtJS 4 compatibility is appreciated.


  2. ExtJS 4 is not backward compatible with ExtJS 3.x- it is a significant redesign. So it will take a similar redesign of GeoExt. Unfortunately.