Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another big day today at the GeoExt 2 Code Sprint

After a three days of around twelve hours of work, things are really coming together. Today started more quiet as people worked in pairs to complete core functionalities. A lot of effort was put to port the main GeoExt features to ExtJS 4. Here are the main aspects of the work our tireless sprinters accomplish today:

* Documentation ( was worked on by Andreas Schmitz and Markus Schneider, who joined us today, from Occam Labs. All functions are now automatically generated from the code without error. The new documentation framework (JSDuck) is really easy to use for developers and produce really nice docs à la ExtJS.

* Print forms work started today with efforts from Marc, Christian and Johannes. Not only did the Terristris team provide all the sprinters with good food and a great network connection, they also built essential data components for the printing capabilities of GeoExt.

* Tests ( are now nearly completed as they all pass in Chrome and Firefox. Thanks to Alexandre who also worked really hard to make everything work in IE8+. This helped to not only get all functionalities out by the end of the week, but also to have a very robust library.

* FeatureStore, one of the most important data components of GeoExt, was completed by Frédéric and Stéphane. The examples are still in a Pull Request at the time of writing this, but be sure it's amazing. From now on we'll be able to not only consult our features but also get to interact with them with all the ExtJS potential.

* Forms have been addressed by Eric and François. AttributeModel, AttributeReader, AttributeStore + form components (for editing and search) are all in the pipeline. Combined with the FeatureStore feature, this will provide us interesting applications to consult and edit feature data.

* WMSCapabilities ( support was added by Bart and Matt. This key feature needed the model, reader and store to be addressed. They got it working and combined with the LayerStore effort of the previous days, the example is now working just like before.

* Layer Tree architecture design was addressed by Andreas and Julien. This work could have its own blog post. Let us just say that everything is different in ExtJS 4. They finally found a really clean way to configure the Layer Tree using the latest functionalities of ExtJS 4. After a day of design and test, let's hope they we will be able to show us something working tomorrow.

Feel free to download the code on GitHub (

The live documentation is here (

And after 3 days, here are the examples and tests:

* Tests
* action
* layeropacityslider
* legendpanel
* mappanel
* permalink
* popup
* wmscapabilities
* zoomslider

Thanks Julien-Samuel for this great summary !

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