Thursday, 10 May 2012

GeoExt2 Code Sprint - Day 4

The fourth day of the GeoExt 2 codesprint has been as intensive as the other days, things are really coming together, but tomorrow is gonna be a crucial day. But sometimes we wish Ed Spencer from Sencha would be here to explain a few things to us.

Andreas Hocevar from OpenGeo and Julien Samuel-Lacroix from MapGears kept working on their unicorn, the tree components. They can now turn layers on and off through checkboxes, and are currently figuring out more advanced UIs like radio buttons (which they just did as I am writing this blog post). On the data side, they are digging into implementing the remaining loaders - currently they only have the plain LayerLoader.

Alexandre Dube from MapGears worked on an Ext-oriented application using their MVC architecture. Stéphane Brunner from CampToCamp made a build for it. You can see the current built version using a FeatureStore at:

Stéphane also combined his efforts with Frederic Junod from CampToCamp to finish off the FeatureStore. Frederic also ported the grid.SymbolizerColumn (now in master with test and example) and worked with Alexandre on the app example.

Matt Priour of OpenGeo debugged data model inheritance issues and crafted an OwsStore to act as a base class for all of the OWS data stores.

François van der Biest and Eric Lemoine from CampToCamp completed the work on the Attribute model, reader and store and on the Form.toFilter and Form.recordToField functions. Two pull requests are ready for review. Next step for them is the SearchAction.

Marc Jansen, Christian Mayer and Johannes Weskamm from Terrestris worked very hard on the print components. Marc also did several reviews.

I myself worked on porting more of the data components (WfsCapabilities, WmsDescribeLayer, CswRecords, Wmc and ScaleStore) and started porting the ProtocolProxy but the differences are very big here between Ext 3 and Ext 4, so this needs more work.

Some links to the German music that inspired some of us today (new versus old), and a big thank you again to Terrestris for hosting us in their fantastic office:

Tonight we will have a social activity at KleinsPeterBerg (a restaurant alongside the river Rhine):

Bart van den Eijden

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  1. Bart, is this kind of music inspiring you? I hope that the code is becoming much better than the music...
    Regards for the team, and thank you all!